Christian Coleman Runner
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Christian Coleman Runner

18th Feb 2018 marks a day when 20-years-old World Record for 60m Indoor Sprint is broken by this young man Christian Coleman.

Chris Coleman is just 21-year-old but his achievement is one of the greatest in last two decades. He broke a world record and made a new one by running a 60 meters Indoor Dash in mere 6.34 seconds.

The previous world record is of  Maurice Greene.

Christian Coleman Wiki

Chris Coleman was born on March 6, 1996. He is a professional American Track and Field Sprinter. He is also double Silver Medallist at the World Champions in Athletics in 2017. He has attended Our Lady Of Mercy Catholic High School in Fayetteville, GA.

This is what his reaction was when he learned about the World Record.

“My start was decent. When I transitioned, I stood up, and I felt as good as I’ve ever felt. I just kept running to the tape. For it to be the world record was pretty special.”

“I just love racing in the big races, when everybody’s watching,” Coleman said. “I just flourish in those moments. It’s not really in my personality, but when the lights are on, it just comes out.”

Incredible Achievement

What Chris Coleman has achieved is Truly Incredible and there is a lot of learning from his life. When most of the youngsters are still not sure about their career path and success roadmap. This 20-year-old man has made a world record by breaking the existing one which nobody was able to break for last 20 years.

What a Remarkable Start of the Journey!

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Image Courtesy: Firenewsfeed via & Getty Images

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