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Falak Merchant is Founder of Mumbai’s famous brand The Pancake Story. Falak’s brand is known for making Fluffy Pancakes of Various shapes and sizes. The Pancake Story is gaining increasing popularity due to its unique flavors and toppings.

Falak started her career working in HR company after completing Masters in Human Resources and management studies. Later, she found her HR job uninteresting and moved on to work for an International beauty brand.

Falak Mechant, Career & Brand Building

The 27-year-old got married and left her job to have a child. Today, she is a full-time mother of 3 kids and Director of RMZ Food & Hospitality which owns the brand “The Pancake Story’.

It all started with a simple baking for friends and family. Most of them recommended her to start a business of pancakes but initially, she wasn’t convinced.

Later, she realized the need of having a great brand serving similar food and decided to start “The Pancake Story” franchise.

She started the brand and the business with self-funding in October 2017 and soon opened two more stores looking at the demand and popularity. The first store was opened in Lokhandwala in Mumbai.

The overwhelming response has made the brand extremely popular. They already have 10 Outlets of The Pancake Story in mere 6 months’ time.

Falak Merchant’s Motivation 

“My mother was a homemaker but also running a small homegrown business, and she has been a significant influence. In fact, not just my mom – every woman entrepreneur doing exceptionally well in their work – like Pooja Dhingra (owner of macaroon bakery chain Le 15 Patisserie), for example, inspire me,” she said in an interview with YourStory.

Here is what  Falak has to say about the challenges she has faced.

The Message

The biggest is executing my dreams; I am a mother of three, so it’s a huge challenge for me to manage personal life and meetings, and invest enough quality time in the development of recipes.

It is always said that behind every successful man there is a woman, but in my case, it’s a man behind mine.

I had to start waking up at 5 am to do all my household work and by 8 am I had to leave to drop off my kids to school, after which, my work day would start. Post that, in the evening, I would pick my kids up, and work from home for the rest of the day.

Weekends were reserved entirely for work. My husband and I would have special dinner dates to discuss the way forward for the business.

My husband has been my greatest influencer when it comes to doing business and he has supported me completely.”

Falak Merchant is an inspiration to many mompreneur and women who are looking to chase Big Dreams in their life. Yes, it’s possible. Falak has proved it. 🙂

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