Ridhi Singhai TintBox
Image Courtesy: YourStory & Ridhi Singhai

Ridhi Singhai TintBox Founder has an Incredible and Inspiring Journey from being TCS employee for 5 years To becoming Founder & CEO of TintBox.

What is TintBox?

TintBox – Think Inside The Box – is India’s first and only brand of beautifully designed borosilicate glass products with protective silicone sleeve concept that fuses healthy materials, eco-friendly composition and exceptional utility to produce a very high quality, break-resistant, non-toxic, safe, simple and smart product line with a mission to create plastic free families. (source: tintbox.in)

Ridhi Singhai’s Journey

Mumbai based Ridhi Singhai was working with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) for about 5 years as a Systems Analyst before she decided to do something about the plastics that are being used in almost every product that we use on daily basis.

She was always an eco-conscious person and that made her pursue her to do research to find an alternative to this issue. She was not convinced with an alternate option of BPA-free plastic which was marketed by big brands.

Being a mother of a 5-year-old child, it concerned her even more and she decided to change the game. She dropped the job and started her research and TintBox was born after 2.5 years of hard work and dedication.

TintBox – Afford Alternative To The Plastic

All kinds of plastics are harmful and leach toxic chemicals into our food (which increases manifold when heated in microwave or hot food is packed in them). This causes hormonal imbalances in the human body, leading to diseases.” Says Ridhi to YourStory in an interview.

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Ridhi Singhai TintBox
Image Courtesy: TintBox

TintBox is sourced with funding of about 1.5 crores and is currently having break-thru products in two categories.

Borosilicate glass lunch box with protective silicone sleeve, 300ml; and Borosilicate glass bottle with protective silicone sleeve, 750ml. Products are available on their website TintBox and also on Amazon.

The Future

Ridhi is heading the company towards new product development after the huge success of existing product line. The company is also actively seeking partnership with angel investors and VCs.

Launched in September 2017, TintBox’s Gross Market Value is around INR 40 lakh per month. They are aiming for INR 1 crore per month this year.

Ridhi Singhai – The CrazzyOne
We congratulate Ridhi Singhai & TintBox for their “Inside The Box” Thinking. Ridhi believed in herself and developed some value-based products for which people are ready to pay money.

We love the idea of changing people’s life thru Products that are Non-Toxic for Health and very Eco-Friendly for the Environment.


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